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Our company offers the opportunity to visit the cities and the most picturesque locations of Campania region and the Amalfi Coast, full of natural beauty and history.
It ‘s always possible to arrange a private tour based on customer needs.


An ancient fishing village, today a tourist destination, famous worldwide for fashion.
To visit the church of S. Maria Assunta, located on the main square, with a large colorful tiled dome.


Ancient maritime republic, famous for its majestic cathedral, which dominates the small square, the Paradise cloister adjacent to the Duomo and the Museo della Carta, where still today is produced the famous handmade paper.


Looking out over the sea of the Amalfi Coast, Ravello is the place where the natural beauty of the landscapes is in harmony with the charm of the precious monuments. Do not be missed the Cathedral dedicated to San Pantaleone, Villa Rufolo, who inspires ‘Wagner for his second act of “Parsifal” and which is organized every year in his honor, a music festival, and Villa Cimbrone, famous for the terrace of infinite, from which you can see a landscape of unparalleled beauty.


Ancient Cities by the prosperous Roman social life, both destroyed by the eruption of 79 AD
The excavations began in XXVIII century and gradually led to the discovery of fabulous villas with frescoes preserved in time, an amphitheater, and more to show the prosperity of these cities in the past. The excavation work is not finished and still continue with the aim of giving treasures of the past.


The archaeological area consists of the valley of the temples, two of the Doric order, and a Doric and Ionic, which constitute some of the best examples of these styles.
To visit the museum that shows an important collection in southern Italy of ancient Greek objects. Pieces derived from the findings of near Paestum, in the first place from the funeral and burial Greek Lucan. Among these many vessels, weapons and paintings.


A favorite destination of international tourism and has always been a crucial stage of the Grand Tours. Writers and musicians have witnessed the intense emotions in their works. Walk through the narrow streets of the old town, to visit the Cathedral, the public gardens, the Church of San Francesco and tasting of typical limoncello.


The huge house has four courtyards and thousands of rooms, chapels, museums, theaters and a magnificent 120-hectare park with attached English garden commissioned by Maria Carolina of Austria, full of rare and exotic plants decorated with fake according to the romantic ruins adorned with statues.


Rich in resources and cultural monuments, among others, a large number of castles, royal residences, palaces, churches and historical remains from classic that testify its historical and artistic evolution, the historical center, part of UNESCO and the result of overlapping of architectural styles, to enclose some 2,800 years of history and by many civilizations that have stayed here.


You can choose between an half or full day excursion or just ask to arrange a private tour based on your needs.

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